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Easily sync your multimedia files with your PSP


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PSPWare is the ideal complement to your Sony PSP. This program takes care of syncing your files and folders between your computer and the console, performing the operations necessary so that you can enjoy the best audio, video, and image quality on your PSP.

PSPWare works through folders that are created in the root directory of the program. Each is intended for a multimedia section, and corresponds to the folder that the console has created in its system.

The program syncs the folders on your disk with those of the console, converting files to another format so they can be played on the PSP.

Also, you can make backup copies of your games, backing them up on the same computer, and, depending on the firmware you use, you can export your browser favorites, so that you aren't missing anything on your PSP.

OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP.


10 songs, 10 photos, and 5 videos for each sync.

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